Man Power

  • Highly skilled & experienced personnel, well conversant with English language
  • Round the clock work in 3 shifts on 24/7 basis
  • In-house technical support

Systems and servers:

  • More than 100 computers with high speed Pentium 4 processors, 512MBs of DDR each and 17” Samsung color monitors and 17” TFTs.
  • Four Asterisks based server make of IBM.
  • Two Database servers make of IBM.
  • One Mikrotik based server make of IBM.
  • One FTP server (Internal as well external) make of IBM.
  • Wireless CISCO(Router) working as a external sGateway with maximum speed up to 108Mbps.
  • SRW-224G4 (REAL SWITCH) with 24 ports make of CISCO.
  • MP-124 (Audio code with 24 ports).
  • direct international lines VOIPs.
  • DES- 1024 R (Internal or fake switch with 24 ports) make of CISCO

Power supply:

  • 24 hours backup power supply with online UPS backup power system, minimum power backup up to 10 KVA.nimum power backup up to 10 KVA.

Network Specifications:

  • Latest category-6 UTP (make of CISCO) cables with 100/1000Mbps Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet support.
  • Network with 6 Domains (BPO, AGENTS, MANAGEMENT, BILLING, TECH, and HR) fully secured.
  • 5.75 Mbps Downlink and 3.25 Mbps of Uplink Bandwidth.
  • Having 15 real IP addresses used for Browsing via NAT/PAT from MIKROTEK Server and calling from the VOIPs

Security Aspects:

  • Having 15 CCTV on all over the flange for security aspects.
  • Real time Computer Desktop recording system.

Communication :

  • Dedicated Leased line for high speed Internet access.
  • Cable connection as backup for Internet.
  • Modem, Routers and all necessary facilities.

Yantram BPO Pvt. Ltd.


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